Automatic weighing industry

D&T precision electronic balance adopts gold-plated ceramic variable capacitive sensor, which has the characteristics of simple and compact structure, fast reaction speed, low maintenance, wide weighing range, high precision, ultra-stability and multi-function. Products are widely used in laboratory, food, medicine, chemical, metal manufacturing and other industries. The product has good stability, high safety and less occupation of the workbench, and is a cost-effective electronic balance commonly used in laboratories.

Product highlights:

ES/EX-A series) fully transparent glass windshield, 100% visible to the sample

LCD LCD display makes the screen clearer and brighter, convenient for users to read the weighing results

The machine streamlined design, high strength, anti-leakage, anti-static, anti-corrosion

A highly sensitive temperature sensor is used to minimize the sensitivity of temperature changes

A high-precision humidity sensor is used to minimize the impact of ambient humidity

Standard RS232 two-way communication port, to achieve data and computer, printer or other equipment communication

Built-in a variety of weighing programs and applications: counting function, upper and lower limit weight check function, cumulative weighing function, percentage weighing function

Multiple unit conversion functions: grams, carats, ounces, etc

ExcellenceⅡ Professional balance:

5 inch capacitive touch screen, intuitive operation interface, shortcut icon menu navigation; Linux operating system, support online update system files;

Built-in solid/liquid density direct reading program (with D ''''''''Ante special density components);

Can be operated with USB mouse or wireless mouse;

Standard USB interface, data directly saved to U disk, can convert a variety of file formats;

Administrator rights: You can create five common user rights and one administrator user rights. The administrator can manage the rights of each user and protect the Settings of important weighing parameters from modification

Minimum weighing value display

Real-time clock display

Weighing steady tone

Graphical data printing

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