Mass Comparator

Applicable to: verification of weights, national standard quality laboratories, statutory metrological verification institutions, calibration laboratories, etc.

A mass comparator is a special type of electronic balance mainly used for comparing the mass of weights or objects with high precision requirements. Generally speaking, a mass comparator cannot directly read the mass of a weight, but instead displays the numerical value obtained by comparing the measured weight or object with a standard weight or object. If we know the mass of the standard weight, we can compare the measured weight with the standard weight multiple times using a mass comparator to obtain the difference between the measured weight and the standard weight, thereby obtaining the value of the measured weight. Due to the extremely high resolution and good repeatability of the mass comparator, accurate values can be obtained even if the difference between the measured weight and the standard weight is small. The D&T full range mass comparator has various functions, which can be used not only for measuring weights, but also for general weighing applications.
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