Rapid Moisture Analyzer


This product is used for the test of free moisture in sample in the aspects of food, tea, powder, plastic, chemical raw material, grain, pharmacy, electronics and semiconductor.


Precision weighing leader

D & T rapid moisture analyzer, based on electronic balance, equip
high precision weighing sensor and halogen lamp heating device;
Halogen moisture analyzer is the reliable solution for customer to
determine moisture percent of the sample.

Capacitive touch screen design

7" touch screen design combined with shortcut icon and menu
navigation,can be choose directly,easier for operation.

Real-time data transmission

Standard USB port,data to U disk and convert to a variety of file formats
as well, can be operated by USB or wireless mouse; Equip RS232/485
interface,realizes the communication with computer,printer, PLC or
other devices.Directly save data to U disk and graphical printing

Ring shape designed halogen heating device

Ring shape designed halogen lamp enables heating inside sample
sharply shorten the drying time with uniform heating ?clear ?efficient
and energy-saving.

Multiple functions

Linux operation system,on-line update of system is approval.
Minimum weight & date and time display,stable weighing audible signal functions.

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